Some Thoughts on Ketamine’s Action

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, I start Ketamine Infusion Treatments for Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety. I’ll have 2 infusions a week for 3 weeks. Then maintenance infusions occasionally.

Ketamine doesn’t work like any other therapy. No SSRI, MAOI, tricyclic, or atypical antidepressant does what ketamine does. Ketamine is the only treatment that causes neurogenesis. That’s the growth of new synapses in the brain. New receptors for serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine and everything else.

Neurogenic action isn’t the only thing unique about ketamine. It works on the NMDA receptor areas. No other medication stimulates this area of the brain directly. Glutamate is probably the word you’ve heard whispered lately. It’s where all the new antidepressant research is pointing.

In very high doses, ketamine has been used for years. Hospitals have to keep it on hand for anesthesia. It’s essential for operating on patients without a breathing tube. It’s an essential medicine around the world. It’s also abused sometimes. As many anesthetic drugs are.

In Infusion, a low dose of ketamine is delivered at a specific rate, over 20-30 minutes. Many people do report s disassociative experience. Some even find it adds to the therapeutic effect. It’s said that you can look at problems in your life, or think about past trauma without getting emotional.

As anyone who’s ever tried therapy will tell you, this is a big fucking deal. Being able to stand aside, and see the reality of things, past our emotions and delusions, it’s an unimaginable thing for many trauma cases. PTSD finds a real miracle in ketamine. Anxieties dissolve to logical detachment.

While this state only lasts a few minutes, the benefits are beyond what therapy can offer. Both in emotion and judgement, and unique brain action, you can repair every kind of damage caused by long term mental health problems and those caused quickly by trauma.

With me luck!

– Jack
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Some Links to use as Source

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