Some things I’ve said elsewhere.

The thing about losing depression so rapidly after so long, is that you still don’t get a lot done because everything makes you cry in its absolute beauty.

All of my senses are sharp again. It’s been happening gradually. First it was touch, the sun on my skin made me cry with joy. Then I cried while I ate in delight at the variety of flavors. Now I’m overwhelmed in a good way from how intricate music is.

For a lifetime member of the Church of Rock and Roll, and the University of the Blues, I can’t explain what it means to hear things like they are supposed to sound after 15 years of living in a tunnel.

Having music makes everything worth it. Everything.


I know I’m a bit of a broken record already, but I just feel so much relief. Nothing is as bad is bad as I thought. Even the stuff that’s worse.

Nothing shakes my pride in how fantastic humans can be. Even when they fail to meet their potential, humans amaze and astound

If the modern journalist is to survive, then journalism must be like a Hemingway novel. Short. Strong. Flexing muscles that have been earned with pain.


Give me *that* magic. Y’all stick with the guy who can walk on water on that’s all you want. Me, I want someone who could make music

The above are from tweets over 3 days.

– Jack



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