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Today, I am still trying to get this whole plug-in/theme bullshit to look something like right..

And for some strange reason, I keep finding things I published days or weeks prior in my drafts bin. No idea what is going on there.

I’ve spoken with a couple of people about a logo, and some similar images(Banners, etc) to set up branding here. The idea is recognition, but not for wealth.

In mental health, being honest with yourself, and fact checking everyone with a medical license, are perhaps equally important. I’ve been given far more horrible advice by doctors than by patients. The Doctor/Patient relationship was long ago eroded to fine sand by the dozen or more governmental agencies who take a peak at the patients’ files for one reason or another under the guise of Public Safety.

I mean, if they used that effort to make sure kids were vaccinated and well fed, we’d be done with major disease in 50 years, tops. Just some thoughts as I dig through all this WordPress stuff I do not understand…

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