Brave New World

Waking up to Shining Sun

If tomorrow you were to wake up in savage, new land, how would you react?

And what if this strange, shining globe you found yourself walking on, was just a spect, in the vast empty space left swirling around some other speck, but it glowed in a way that was special to everyone?

I’ve gone from a 2D Life to this 4D Multi-Soul Galaxy. How odd. More than a single soul. This one still feels the pains, and the flatness of that old 2D Flat Earth.

It can hardly believe the gift it has received by being attached to every other one. It reacts out of conditioning, Pavlovian. I’m adjusting to gravity, but all my sensors are confused in the diamond, sparkle light. Electricity made sense, but now it has all these new directions it can be spun.

So, if I’m twisting in the wind, look how far I’ve been flung! It’s colossal, the difference between where I used to sit and all the things I come from. If you’d just adjust the ropes, maybe we could still save this kite from the Sun.

Metaphors that are not metaphorical.

– Jack

lost inside a body whose disease is ripped from from all but one lung. If I can smile, I can believe. It’s so good to be 3D.


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