K: Time Unseen

So much time has gone by, with my posts, ( as well as Katie’s), being kinda irregular. Let me explain some of the problems we’ve had so far, why, and what I’m doing to fix the issues.

First, I am not a programmer. I don’t know much in the way of coding. Even WordPress is a little above my level with these things. I’m still hoping we can get a volunteer to help out with the technical aspects that have caused problems so far.

Second, the initial set of ketamine Infusions was done very rapidly in my case. This left me disoriented in ways I wouldn’t even notice for weeks. This is conflated by the major life changes I’ve made and am making to insure my recovery remain sound.

I’m doing what I can, but I’m only one guy. My knowledge is in the experience of long term mental illness, and it’s sudden reversal. So, I’m struggling with the website process.

Links to the 2 groups and multiple announcement platforms I manage solo in conjunction, can be found in the Community page.

I’ve also received veiled threats about legality from several “professionals” in Mental Health. Speaking openly and honestly about Mental Health breeches no integrity. There is no ethical issue in helping the sick get to doctors. So, keep the emails coming.

Then there is the server. This site is currently hosted on spare space on the servers of a friend. I have an obligation to keep him shielded from any worry of legal matters. It’s a great kindness to have this space temporarily.

I’ve been trying to raise the funds for private hosting and a domain name, but donations haven’t been extremely forthcoming, despite the large number of inquiries received via this site’s communities. We’ve received a single anonymous donation, itself able to cover nearly half the mentioned fees.

I’m seeking a grand total of $120.00 USD. I’ve got a host lined up, at roughly $70 yearly, and domain registry of about $20 totally. I’ve set the sum slightly higher, to cover any fees or options we made need that I am unaware of. We are at $45 of the $120. Consider helping, in case you need the support someday too.

If, I can get a few more writers to join staff, and at least one person that gets all this web design stuff, and just a small amount in donations, I can make this the effort I promised to deliver. As with most things in the Mental Health community, I cannot do it alone.

Many, many thanks to all those who helped me through the struggle, pre-ketamine, as well as all those who have stood up and said, “You aren’t alone.” Katie has been a great addition, but I still need some others to step up and volunteer to share their struggle and/or provide general info on recovery.

We don’t have to stay among the Suffering. There are many ways to rise above the thick haze of daily psychotropic drugs, and actually improve. I did. If I can, you too have a chance.

More soon, as I grapple with some things I want to cover personally. As always, no one involved in K: the Journey makes any money for what we provide. Nor do we seek to profit. This is just returning the favor, because not enough of us that do find recovery tell their stories.

Let’s kill the stigma.

I accept contributions as small as a single post. I welcome those who’d like a regular column. And everything in between. There’s never a rush for deadlines or anything else. I know how easily time gets away from you with Depression.

Many, many thanks.

– Jack

Stick around. It’ll be worth it.

07.25.19 ( 1 month and 2 days since my first Ketamine Infusion.)

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